The Power of Entosis

If you live in a cave and missed it, you really should go read this small, concise Dev Blog from Mr. Fozzie.  It is War and Peace: Eve Style.

TL;DR: A new High-Slot module called Entosis will allow any single ship to cause Sov to come into question, resulting in an increasing cascade of events that can spawn Constellation based "Nodes" the actions over with Sov will be decided.

Trust me, that is super TL;DR. In fact it is so condensed as to render it almost useless in understanding the sweeping changes that are being proposed to Sov Null mechanics. All of which essentially boils down to the introduction of a new module called the Entosis Link which renders all structure shooting to the history books.

There is more to it and I encourage you to read it all in detail. Even if, like me, you aren't currently playing in Null Sec - you should still know what these changes are. There is no sugar-coating this, these are significant and profound changes to the way Eve has been played since Dominion. As you can imagine there is a lot of teeth-grinding going on across the community right now. But mostly, from what I'm hearing, these changes have been generally seen as an interesting step in the right direction. Goodness knows, structure grinding is a horrible experience. I know. I've sat in ships for entire days flipping Sov and it is mind bottling.

I'll leave the deep analysis to the experts. I am not, nor do I pretend, to be an expert on Sov Null Sec - especially the political side as it exists currently. What I'd like to spend a minute on is opportunity. From my own perspective this seems like an open opportunity to finally consider actions beyond those of an occasional raiding party. And if I am thinking this, you can be assured that others are as well. Since Dominion changed the way Null Sec operates, it has become increasingly impossible for smaller or mid-sized groups to even consider operating in Null Sec for extended periods of time. The result of Dominion was consolidation. The death of the small independent Alliances and the birth of massive aligned entities. Entire swaths of space blued. Stagnation that sometimes erupted in massive Cap fights. That is what Null has become.

More than likely things will stay the same way for the near future. The renter foundation of large Bloc power will slowly erode and disappear. But will this mean smaller and more independent Alliances or larger, more powerful Alliances growing fat off of absorbing smaller entities? That remains to be seen. And perhaps some thought needs to be given, in the changes to Corporation/Alliance mechanics, to self-limitations on size? Perhaps. When such significant changes are implemented in a foundational mechanic, it is important to consider what they mean across the board. I suspect that T3/Carrier/Cap/Titan re-balancing will be one such mechanic that changes based on these changes. Along with many others still in the wings.

If the power to instigate is now in the hands of a single player - which it seems to be - then this is fundamental. Large sections of empty space now become ready for exploitation. No longer can a distant entity keep you out of using station services just because. An interesting and forward-thinking mechanic opens up for those of us who wish to exploit it. And suddenly the borders of Empires become a serious game of Whack-A-Mole. A drain on resources, time and attention.

I'm sure this will be the topic of discussion at Fanfest. And I look forward to hearing more about it and talking to players about their own feelings in regards to these changes. In my opinion, right now, I am encouraged and optimistic about them. So that is where I stand today. Let's see what developments, changes, and tweeks pop up over the coming months. Still a lot of time between now and June.

What are your thoughts?

Unidentified Structure

So this weekend as I'm flying around space looking for targets that aren't bait, linked, hiding a Recon, slaved, or otherwise potentially also interested in having a good fight - I warped unthinking into one of those things up there in the header image. And for a moment I couldn't for the life of me remember what the heck it was.

That was a good moment. For the first time in I don't remember how long, even for a minute, I didn't know what something was in Eve. That moment didn't last, but I told everyone in my gang to warp to me. And for an even longer moment we all gawked at it. They are impressive. These Unidentified Structures that seemingly appear at random. I have yet to see a Drifter, but I have had plenty of Sleepers try to scan me. I don't generally take well to scanning, so all of those Sleepers paid the price for trying.

I don't follow the development of lore much. I read things. And I try to keep up, but that isn't my game. My game takes almost all of my time these days. I barely have time to read other blogs these days, but I do manage to keep up with my Reading List. Beyond that it is all Alliance forums, Corporation doings, stalker prevention, prep for Fanfest, and continuing my other projects. Not to mention desperately trying to stay out of jail, pay the lawyers and find a decent way to make a living. I could go on, but I probably share too much personal stuff here as it is. At least that is what I've been told. Back to Eve.

So it is that the string of events that have been happening since Caroline's Star exploded. They've been a part of the Eve experience and yet not as much as they normally would be. Tangentially exposed, but not wrapped up in conjecture like I would have been a year or so ago. I hear reports about Drifter Super-weapons and Jovian towers, and I see the images, watch those amazing Scope reports and wonder like the rest of Eve. What the heck is going on?

But it wasn't until a new object popped up in space, an icon I was not familiar with - that I went in to take a look.

I don't have any deep insights. But I do know this much, this is the kind of Eve I want to be a part of. I've advocated for years for the introduction of mystery into New Eden and it is great to finally see some. I enjoyed flying towards an object I knew nothing about. I liked looking in awe at something new floating in space. I could feel New Eden expanding right under my feet and it was a feeling I enjoyed tremendously.

The revere was broken by a target appearing in a nearby plex, but for those few minutes - Eve felt like a game set in a strange, alien, and living universe.

And that is a feeling I haven't felt in a long, long time. I liked it.

Can I have more please?

Tristan Vs Zealot

If you haven't had a chance yet, check out the NEW Episode of A Podcast Apart which is up and running in the sidebar!

So I roll into Asakai on Saturday in my trusty Tristan. There are about 14 players in local and none of them are friendly. As soon as I land in my scanning perch I notice the Zealot. A quick d-scan and he is sitting alone either outside or inside the medium plex. I immediately knew what I was going to do, I even said as much on Comms and in Chat.

Of course I went for it. Engaging is a no-brainer. I'm in a T1 Frigate and, even if I lose, the risk to reward... ok, let's be honest here - I never worry about that anyway. It never once even entered my head and I'm not going to write it like it did. Geronimo!

The trick is surviving the initial approach. The Zealot was about 24k off of me when I landed. My Tristan is brawler scram kite fit, depending on ammo choice I can choose to hover at scram range or go in close blasters blazing. He got off a couple of good shots initially as I burned in at an angle, my AB keeping my sig radius nice and low. My AB was overheated, I wanted nothing more than to get scram and web on this guy. My only concern after surviving the initial distance was if he had a neut - which would be rare, but this is Low Sec and god only knows how people fit their ships.

And he never touched me again. The rest came down to managing cap, keeping my drones alive, and hoping that no one noticed what I was doing and came to help him. I kept a close eye on the d-scan. Once I got in tight I knew the Zealot was all mine if I could get the time needed to bring him down. I had to be very careful not to burn any modules. Once he entered structure a former Stay Frosty pilot entered local and I could see he was in a Comet. I acted quickly and invited him into fleet just as he landed on the plex. I never thought he'd shoot me instead of the Zealot, but you can't be careful enough. Just as the Zealot started to die he managed to whore on the kill. But, more importantly, the Zealot exploded. We also got the pod. As icing on the cake it turns out the Zealot pilot was a Goon! Yeah!

I wish that I could tell you the entire weekend went like that. Just one amazing kill after another. It didn't. I had a lot of fun this weekend and managed to get some good kills, but boy oh boy did I die a lot!! Weekends are harsh for the Solo/Small Gang pilot who flies without links and cloaked buddies and snakes and gate camps and whatnots. Always has been and this weekend was especially derpy for poor old Rixx.

It started Friday when I was bringing my Cynabal back from a few jumps out. I had taken it over there Thursday in the hunt for someone or something. As I jumped it into Unna I caught a Confessor on a plex gate. Next thing I know there are seven other ships on me including ECM and Links. My poor Cyn never stood a chance.

The same thing happened to my Slicer when I attacked a Retribution. Although it took nine of them including two Griffins to do the job.

I also lost a Tristan, an Algos, a Hawk and a Comet this weekend. And an Ashimmu. My poor Ashimmu. I've had that ship for almost three years, it was a gift from Oma Lorche from way back even before Stay Frosty was formed. It died valiantly, but frustratingly against overwhelming links and whatnots. Shame, but that is the way the bones roll.

I killed more than I lost, but it was a close call. Typical weekend and typical spit into the wind beginning to another month. I tend to be much more aggressive in the beginning of a month and more conservative as it wears on. lol, that's funny. Again I try to make it sound like I have a plan or something. I don't. Seriously. I just undock and take what Eve gives me every day. I have no control over it.


Stay Frosty is recruiting! We are looking for active, engaged, and dedicated pilots in all TZs that are looking for a fun, adventurous, and exciting old-school Yarr play-style. All ages. Young or veterans. We offer a fully loaded and engaged Alliance support system that is unique in all of New Eden. To learn more please join our Public channels EVEOGANDA and/or The Frosty Hammer.

Firetail Signature Wallpaper

I think this will be the last Wallpaper or other major piece of art until after Fanfest. I have to focus on getting my presentation ready, making plans, and otherwise getting prepared for the trip. Plus normal work schedule and money making.

Enjoy the Republic Fleet Firetail and add it to your collection.

RIP Leonard Nimoy

Legendary actor Leonard Nimoy passed away today at the age of 83.

I wasn't planning on posting today, but I also can't let this pass without reflection. So many people today, along with myself, will be remembering his role as Mr. Spock in Star Trek. And rightfully so. He was born to play the role and made it become the iconic character that it will always be. But he was so much more than that. I'll leave it to others who knew him to remind us of his life.

For me Spock was the heart and soul of the original Star Trek. A show that lit a spark within my own heart that still burns today for all things science-fiction, and science fact. A life-long wonderment at the vastness of space and time. And, to a large extent, compassion for all those that are different. To me that was always the real lesson to be learned from Leonard's portrayal of Spock - that despite each of us being alien to each other - that all beings share a commonality of spirit.

Live long and prosper.

Thank you.


I've discovered some things lately that I don't want to just brush off. As always I try to take everything that I learn and make sense of it. It is a constant process that I hope works towards making me a better person, smarter about myself and the world around me.

And, of course, this is true both in-game and out. The Eve Community to which I belong is increasingly becoming blurred - the curtain between what is in-game and out is steadily being pulled away. This is happening at a rather rapid pace. From Twitter to Slack,from forum to forum, from Blog to Safe Spot, to local chat and global chat, the line is exceedingly thin. And it is only getting more so every day.

It is easy to understand then why some people falter. And why it often becomes easier to rely on easily made assumptions than take the step necessary to quantify those assumptions. Certainly my own persona here in these pages over the years can lead many to assume certain things about me. But the line between me (the writer of these words) and Rixx (the character I play inside of Eve) and Bryan (the person I am in the world), those lines are increasingly meaningless. And so assumptions about Rixx, while they wouldn't apply to the writer or to the real me, can be easily made across the board. This is obviously a problem when addressing one or the other - and certainly when addressing the totality of the whole.

Which is all a philosophical minefield constructed primarily to drive home a rather simple point. Assumptions are inherently wrong-headed, especially for those of us in elevated positions in-game or out of game. Leadership positions as heads of Corporations or Alliances, or Bloggers, or whatever else we may choose to participate in. Assumptions are the bane of leadership. And relying on them as the basis of action is certainly a formula for failure.

On the other hand, assumptions serve as a convenient shorthand. Goons are goons after all. PL is going to bring Supers. Stay Frosty is awesome. These types of general assumptions serve a purpose within the game. The trouble is when those assumptions travel outside that environment. Speaking only for myself, I never travel in-game assumptions outside that environment. In a few weeks I'll be in Iceland meeting all sorts of people in the real world. Not one of which I will be making assumptions about based on their in-game persona. That would be silly. And wrong-headed. Their in-game persona does add an element to meeting them certainly, an interest level, curiosity of course - but nothing more. (I'm very excited about this prospect by the way!)

I challenge us all to make an effort to appreciate how thin these lines are becoming. It is difficult to keep up, as speed only seems to be increasingly daily. But it is important.  And I wouldn't want to assume that you are not capable of doing so.

When it come to groups within Eve I certainly use assumptions to my own purpose. That is, after all, the heart of what propaganda is all about. I have a very clear and well defined purpose by doing so, one which I almost weekly re-state, and that is to positively position my own in-game efforts. To build my Corporation and Alliance and to provide excellent content to those players that choose to play with us. That is my only goal. But, and I cannot be more clear than this, those assumptions NEVER pertain to anyone individually. (Only in extremely rare circumstances and then only to leadership, or those that have made things personal by their own choice)

I assume you, as a person, are awesome. I have been told by some people that this is a potential character flaw. I disagree. I'd rather assume the best. It makes everything so much easier.

I'd appreciate the same in return.

A Bad Run

For those of us who play Eve on a daily basis for any length of time, it becomes obvious after awhile that the game operates on a very cyclical basis. Even more apparent, is the connection between what happens in-game and what is going on out-of-game.

I've written about these connections extensively here in the past. Eve is a lot like the tide. The tide rolls in and out and nothing you can do will stop it. But the tide is also made of many, many smaller and larger waves. Often driven by the wind. It is impossible to argue this. I've been playing and writing about playing Eve for long enough now to know - these are truths.

I've been having a particularly horrible time in real life lately. And, once again, my experiences have directly related to what happens in-game. I won't bore you with the details, but it has been rather horrific. All of which is only the preamble to a larger point I want to discuss. And one that has been on my mind for a few weeks now. I have a question about Eve that no one seems to ever ask:

Just how f**ked up is Eve really?

[Insert long diatribe about how much I love Eve here]

Let me give an example. The other day I had caught a Comet with my Garmur. The Comet was dead. The Garmur a good 2k faster, set up in a nice kiting position. My manual flying working just fine. And yet - I got caught somehow. One second he was safely away and the next I was scrammed and webbed. I lost the Garmur. It happens. So my friend Oma was in fleet with me and offered to give me the Sentinel he was flying, since he was logging off. I took the Sentinel and shortly after that we spotted a Vexor inside a Medium plex. I warped in to get tackle. This is about as safe an action as you can have. I had no fear, I would warp in, burn off, hold point and wait for help. The only worry would be drones, but that wouldn't be immediate and the Sentinel is very fast. I've done this before. This time it didn't work. The Vexor got point. Which is, in Eve terms, nearly impossible. And no, the Vexor didn't have Sensor Boosts or anything weird. And no links were up for him either.

These types of failures happen. Heck, we've developed an entire cultural response to anyone who even dares to complain about it when it does happen. The sheer amount of vitriolic anguish directed at anyone who dares to mention a technical flaw is insane. Which only makes me wonder even more.

Is it possible that this happens more often than we are led to believe? We focus on a lot of issues as a community, but I honestly can't remember a serious discussion about the fundamental operation and error content of Eve. How often does Eve generate errors? How often exactly does 2+2=5? Just how buggered is this legacy code? Is it only getting worse as more and more new code is pilled on top of older and older code?

The issues are not as obvious as they used to be. Back in the day I remember the undocking bug, when hundreds of your own ships would undock with you. I once lost half a fleet when we jumped thru a Gate - half the fleet was transported about 17 jumps away. The list is a long one. But those were obvious. The things I am seeing on an almost daily basis are not as obvious. They are more subtle.

Fleet bonuses not working. D-scan errors. Loss of camera settings. Unexpected jump of perspective (this one is freaking annoying in the middle of a fight to suddenly find yourself looking at the target ship), and other subtle, small, annoying, doesn't quite work, what went wrong, ways.

Look. I'm just asking. I've grown to expect these types of strange behaviors. I aways chalk it up to the randomness of life. This is Eve's way of mimicking the kind of strange random crap that happens in real life all the time. Sometimes things just don't work. But, on the other hand, it did get me to thinking about it on a more fundamental level. Maybe I'm taking something for granted here. Maybe, just maybe, there is a larger issue at play. And perhaps, just perhaps, something really is wonkers down in the belly of the beast.

The tide rolls in. And the frequency seems to be increasing.

Is there a cause for concern here?

Power Rangers

I didn't grow up on the Power Rangers, this phenomenon was way past that time for me. Believe it or not, the Power Rangers I grew up with were even worse!

I do have a small claim to the Power Rangers history, I designed a collectible card set from Fleer Entertainment back in the mid-nineties. I'm not proud of this, just saying it happened.

Yep, that there is my work kids. Not exactly one of the highlights. You wouldn't believe some of the things I did with those images.

Watch the short film, that is how you take a super silly concept and have some fun with it. Enjoy!

CSMx: Official Voting Endorsements

Once again this year the CSM Candidates have come around to my CQ to ask for my endorsement of their campaign for the tenth Council of Stellar Management. I've spoken to almost everyone on this final list of endorsed candidates, some of them several times. If not recently, then in the the past. I know them, have worked with them, flown with them, or otherwise have had dealings with them. Not every one of the 77 candidates bothered to reach out and none of the ones who didn't are getting an endorsement either. It's part of the test people.

As in previous years, I have asked each one to (at least in spirit) join me for two special causes: Hats on avatars, and the Banning of Warp Core Stabilizers from New Eden. Each of those two topics are allowed various shades of gray, the point of each is to see how the candidate thinks, how they might work together on a team, and if they can take orders from me.(!)

We do not support Major Block Candidates. We strive for well-rounded, intelligent, and dedicated candidates that will help all of Eve and New Eden, both in-game and out.

As in years passed, the voting block of EVEOGANDA readers and fans will make a significant impact on non-block candidate campaigns. Additionally this year, we will be bringing our in-game forces to bear on this list as well. Representing as we do a rather large and active block of our own now. Woot Power!

Here are the official EVEOGANDA, Stay Frosty and A Band Apart CSM Endorsements:
[In order]

1. Sugar Kyle
Excellent job last year and deserves to be re-elected.

2. Corbexx
Also deserving of re-election, works well on the team and is primarily WH focused.

3. Steve Ronuken
Indy focus. Deserving of re-election. Excellent work last year.

4. Mike Azariah
One of my oldest friends in Eve, Mike did a great job last year and deserves to be back.

5. Psianh Auvyander
I've been very impressed with Psianh's dedication, intelligence and open-minded approach to Eve and I believe he will make an excellent member of CSMx.

6. Ashterothi
Awesome attitude, PVE focus, Indy, etc. Will be a good team member.

7. Klapen
Another Low Sec rep that has the right attitude and will work to protect the important things.

8. Bam Stroker
Community focused, I've known Bam for a long time and can speak to his integrity.

9. Cagali Cagali
Someone from BNI is going to get in, it might as well be Cagali!

It is critical that you vote at least your first five the exact order recommended above, the way the voting works is critical to getting our candidates in. Splitting votes, or changing the order, only works to help the massive Null-Sec power blocks and their candidates. And no one wants that. Think for yourself and vote the way I tell you!

Hopefully this year we can avoid the horrible Null-Sec influence that nearly destroyed the CSM's term last year. These types of things would not happen it everyone just voted the way I tell them.

As always I am joking about the funny bits, but dead serious about the endorsements. So get out there and vote. Vote with all your alts. And then vote some more.


The Perceived Art of Smacktalk

Smacktalk is an art. And like any other art form it is very difficult to explain what makes regular talking in local elevate to an art form. But when it happens you know. Others may not know however, because everyone has their own ideas about what is art and what isn't. Even the idea of bad smacktalk is open to interpretation. For some people, simply linking penis photos in local is the highest form they can achieve.

For some odd reason Eve has a local channel. In this channel anyone present in the System at the time can write whatever they want. From Jita scams to insults about your Mother, the gambit runs the full spectrum. In Null space we were generally taught to avoid speaking in local as it only served to reveal Intel about you to the enemy. In some Alliances you could get kicked for speaking in local. I remember fleets in which the FC had to specifically grant permission, say after a big fight, for us to even type "gf" into local. In high-sec most systems are dead quiet, most local talk seems to happen in Jita, Dodixie, Rens, Amarr, New Caldari, etc. And then there is low sec...

Intel doesn't often matter when there are three people in local and everyone can see everyone else on d-scan. Smacktalk in low is neighborhood bully time, bullhorn announcements, bad links, funny videos, jokes, insults, false intel, and just about everything else under the Sun. Or at a safe spot near the Sun.

For me personally smacktalk is a bit different than it might be for others. I make no presumptions here, all I can do is explain my own feelings about the subject. First of all, on a regular basis, my presence in local is announced with loud horns! Ok, not actual horns, but it might as well be. Someone will invariably type, "o/ Rixx Javix!" or some variation of that in local. And, being the person I am (if I see it), I must type back. I love you all, I really do. So that must be considered. I also represent Stay Frosty and ABA, so that also has to be considered. Whatever I say better be good. Which is why I typically don't say anything.

My teen years are thirty years behind me. I no longer believe that I know everything. I'm not an angry young man anymore, I am moving towards bitter old fart. (Not really, but that is funnier than the truth) My smack is well-considered. Often extremely tactical or strategic. And sometimes aimed at simply convincing someone to attack me. Cause really all I want is to have a good fight.

It has been my feeling all along that the best smacktalkers are young, angry men who still believe they know everything. That their crap smells better than yours. And that the world is going to treat them special. They are so cute at that age. Not! I know this extremely well because I watched my own Son play Eve from the age of 14 to 18 and the quality of his smack grew right along with him. For this reason his smack was much better than mine ever will be. But my own brand of smack, when utilized, works much better than his ever would.

I don't like smacktalk. And yet I appreciate good smacktalk. And yet again, I will also use it myself sometimes. This is, after all, the weird crux of the perceived art of smacktalk. It is at once incredibly stoopid, funny, dumb, witty, weird, and potentially troublesome. And completely pointless. Y'know, most of the time.

If I had my way smack in local would be awesome all the time. It would never be in Russian. (Although I also enjoy trolling Ruskies when I'm bored) And it would always make me laugh.

In my mind that is the best smack. When I laugh. The rest of it is just a bunch of white guys with their arms back yelling at each other.

Which, let's be honest here, can also be funny.


For the first time ever I won't have to run "FakeFanfest" or rely on FlatRixx to enjoy the festivities in Iceland. That's right, this year I will be personally in person attending Fanfest! Woot!

My wife and I will both be attending and we are both very excited. I have to stop right here and give my beautiful wife some much deserved credit. While she was rather dubious at first (and I think she still can't believe we are actually doing it), she has been awesome. In fact, in some ways I believe she is even more excited than I am. For different reasons of course. This is both of our first trips outside the comfort of the Western Hemisphere, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Alaska trips of our collective pasts. So for that reason alone it is exciting.

Add to that the weirdness of finally getting the chance to meet another Eve player, or more like 1,500 of them!, and the trip really starts to take on an other-worldly feeling. Not to mention all my friends at CCP. The artists, the producers, the community representatives, and my biggest fan Hilmar! I mean really, this is so bizarre.

We have our passports. We are driving down to Washington for the Icelandair non-stop to Reykjavik (The town named after Rixx Javix!!!) and will be staying at the newly remodeled Apotek Hotel a few blocks from Harpa in the heart of the city. I don't know what any of that means, but I've walked the streets a bunch on Google Maps - so I feel like I know it already. We are getting in early Wednesday morning and staying in Iceland until Tuesday - so we have some time to do couple stuff after Fanfest.

I wish I could tell you about some of the other things I am excited about. But they are still sekrit things that I am under NDA about, so I can't. However, I will say that there are a bunch of additional reasons I am even more excited about Fanfest than I would be normally! How's that? I mean, if I am excited about them, then you should be too. And I'm sure I'll be able to talk about them soon, so hang in there.

We are going to the Charity Dinner, but we'll probably pass on the Pub Crawl. I figure we'll have plenty of people to hang out with by Friday night who are also older and socially awkward like us. I'm joking, but also kinda not joking. There is plenty to do and see, so I'm not worried about anything. Heck, I could probably spend every minute just meeting new people and not get the chance to meet everyone.

So, let's get this out of the way right now. I want to meet you. I would like to meet as many Eve players as humanly possible while I am at Fanfest. So when you see me, and I should be relatively easy to spot - feel free to introduce yourself. In real life I am the kinder, gentler, version of Rixx. So not a pirate at all. lol.

As we get closer I'll be talking more about Fanfest. If you haven't picked up on it yet I am extremely excited about this trip and looking forward to finally getting the chance to go. I was supposed to go many times in the past and Real Life kept pushing me down. And while we can't afford it this year either, we are going anyway. Screw it, you only live once.

So where did Stay Frosty come from?

There are a lot of new players, and I suspect new readers, who may be wondering about the history of Stay Frosty and A Band Apart. The archives here at Eveoganda can be intimidating, deep and extremely well-written - but where to start?

So here is a concise history of the journey that led to the creation of the greatest Pirate/Solo/Small Gang Corporation in the history of Eve Online - Stay Frosty. With links to archival posts that you can read at your leisure.

I started my first Corporation - Inglorious Basterds - when I only had about 6m skillpoints. The idea was to build a High-Sec based mercenary group without any knowledge of how that might work, or why it might work, or anything really. There is a great write up about that here. Obviously that didn't last, but I learned a lot.

I spent a lot of time down in Providence fighting wars, joining corps, flying with great pilots like ProGodLegend, Makalu, and many, many others. At one point I tried again to build a Corporation called Brutal Company - but we got awoxed pretty badly and the whole thing fell apart in less than two weeks. Again, much learned.

Every Corporation I joined, every mistake I made, all gave me great experience, knowledge, and contacts. I learned from every stop along the way, good things and not so good things. But it all got put into the mix. Eventually this all led to a great Corporation called Dissonance. One of the oldest Corporations still running in Eve and a great group of people from whom I learned the most. My time there was always great fun, but it also started me down a new path. A path away from Null Sec and into Low Sec. As I gained confidence as a pilot I increasingly wanted a chance to prove myself. In Syndicate I formed another new Corporation called Lucifer's Hammer.

This was the early days of this blog and the first time I started blending writing, graphics and propaganda together to serve my own ends. Lucifer's grew and we left the Alliance we started with, and joined Rote Kapelle. That didn't go well. Read that one, it is pretty awesome. Then we joined Muppet Ninjas. That also didn't go well. You should really read that one, it only lasted a day! Tired of joining we decided to go our own way and moved to Lisbaetanne in Verge Vendor. Eventually we made the decision to form an Alliance called Burn Away. 

This actually went very well. We happened to be in a great area of Eve at that time. The Tuskers lived in Hevrice which was just two jumps away, and Shadow Cartel was getting up to speed in the area. So we had lots of great fights, good times, and flew together in many awesome gangs. For those that do not believe me, I even wrote propaganda posts about Immortalis in Shadow and The Tuskers while in a competing Corporation! Who does that?!? (Me that is who!)

Then came the Crossroads. A tremendous amount of real life landed on my shoulders and kept pounding me on the head. Catastrophic things. Divorce. Loss of Business. It was a crazy and depressing time. To make a long story short it all led to the collapse of Burn Away and the emptying of Lucifer's Hammer. I won't even bother linking anything about this, it pretty much was this blog for a year or so. I almost quit Eve. But luckily that was April Fools Day.

I joined The Tuskers. This seemed like the right thing to do at the time. You can read a lot of posts from that time and understand that I was very excited about this move. I decided to simplify my Eve and let someone else run things. I'd just log on and play. Mind my own business. I spent an entire year in the Tuskers without any problems to speak of. I logged in and got into fights. I didn't play a lot. But when I did I had fun. You can read the truth of that for yourself during those posts.

One line from that last post stands out in hindsight: "Like many people over the years they often make the mistake in assuming my sometimes irreverent attitude means that I don't take Eve seriously - which is far from the truth. This has caused a few clashes over the past year, but we've all worked those out and moved on."

I just wanted to log in and play. But during that year the Tusker leadership had changed significantly. And the new leadership was not content to let me just log in and play. In fact, it was the opposite. I was unemployed at one point and my Mic was broken. For this I had my roles stripped and was threatened with expulsion. I bought a new Mic. During a conversation regarding the collapse of Burn Away the previous year, a Tusker made the mistake of bringing my two special needs boys into the conversation. Not only did I get extremely upset about this and report it to leadership, I also sent the convo along to CCP. Nothing was done on either end. Another Pirate group broke a 1v1 with me and leadership refused to deal with that incident. These were not small incidents. But, at the time, Eve was not a huge priority in my life.

During the break-up with The Tuskers there was an incredible amount of drama. Some of that was my own creation, I freely admit that. In fact, I admitted it at the time. However, the amount of sheer hatred, anger, station-camping, wars, and threats that I received from people I had flown with for over a year was a shock. I would ask you this, and try to be truthful with yourself. A corp mate openly mocks you and your children. You tell him that he should stop, because they actually did have to go into the Hospital and they are actually troubled because they are on the Autism Spectrum. And not only does he refuse to stop, he refuses to apologize. And your Corporate leaders, who were in the conversation at the time, refuse to do anything about it. So yes, I was a tad bit angry.

And that has been and continues to be the only time since I've been playing Eve that anything about this silly game of ours, which I love dearly, has ever gotten personal.

A short time later I am returning from an engagement with several ships, which I defeated by the way, in my Sacrilege. As I land on my station a Vexor undocks. Two things happen, (1) I get really bad lag, and (2) I explode. No biggie, I dock up and jump into another ship. About five minutes later I get a convo request from the leader of the Tuskers. I'm suddenly getting yelled at, my fit is bad and I was using the wrong ammo! (Duh, I had used up all the proper ammo in the previous fight!) At this point I am livid and I want to quit. Things get a bit heated. Several Tuskers convo me privately and ask that I not quit, in fact how about we use this to get Tusker leader in trouble? This I did not expect. A Coup?

I ended up quitting. I have never, not even to this day, revealed who those Tuskers are that wanted to overthrow the Bully. Nor have I re-printed any of the convos. There would be no point to it, best to let these things fade with time.

I packed up my belongings and flew across the system to the other Station in Hevrice and haven't looked back since. Almost two years ago now. Despite virtually all odds, all opinions, all efforts, and all the anger, Stay Frosty continues to thrive. Over 600 pilots have passed thru our doors, over 200 remain and more join every day. A Band Apart counts around 500 members in total. And we continue to grow, expand, and thrive.

Our Code is clearly printed on our forums. Entire Corporations have been kicked from our Alliance for using profane language. No one is forced to be on comms unless they want to be. Or can be. Our pilots are free to use whatever fucking ammo they want in their ships. I'm more than happy to tell them the right way, but who am I to force anyone to do anything? And everyone has the right to expect the best from each other. We are not perfect, we are not trying to be, but I have never once broken my word. Or tolerated hate.

And we never will.

Think what you want about me. Everything that happens in this game is influenced by what happens in this game, behind this screen, and the real lives that we all must lead. I am no different than you in this regard. There are those that respect that fact, and those that do not. It can cost me everything and I will always land on the side that does.

All the rest? Is just pixels.

The Anakin War

The silly, meaningless so-called "war" with the Bastards has essentially boiled down to our young, inexperienced, extremely enthusiastic non-combat pilots Versus Michael Pancake. (who is a former Stay Frosty pilot for goodness sake!) So that's funny.

Nashh and Ithica admitted they started this "war" so they could shoot our positive sec status pilots, so from their perspective things must be going well. Even though those two are never actually on-line or in space anywhere. I've started calling this the Anakin War because they are killing all our younglings. It started out rather silly, one pirate corp war decc'ing another pirate corp, but now it just continues to get weirder.

And while I'm sure they would be the first to point out that they are 'winning' the war, totals right now stand at about double iskie - aprox 290m to 140m give or take. (Unless you throw in the cost of the War which means we are still ahead, 640m to 290m or so, and that 500m is every week. lolz ) Which is all true. However, if we looked at straight Bastard Vs. Stay Frosty totals we are actually ahead by a nose. Y'know, if we ignored all the younglings scattered about on the floor. (We do out-number them about 5:1)

Ah but Rixxie-poo, we only did this for content. Ah yes, well on that front the War is going extremely well for us. It has been awesome! In fact, this War is the greatest thing to happen to ABA in a few weeks! Our pilots are excited, energetic, and very positive. Everyone has decided to take a break from what they've been doing and wander back down to home base for some pew-pew. Yesterday I spent more time in fleet explaining game mechanics than calling primaries. It has honestly been a great change of pace and a breath of fresh air. Our non-combat pilots are getting much needed experience in combat, combat support, war mechanics, transportation, and everything else. And our younger combat pilots are getting a chance to fly in bigger gangs, learn station camping from our enemies, and watch as they run off unless they have the advantage.

Frankly we've had more fun with Never Surrender this week. Which is saying something since all they do is bring the camp/escalation/links game. But, even so, we've had some awesome fights with them. Heck, when I think back over the last week I remember a bunch of good fights with them and not one with the Bastards. Last night we had a great fight with a dude from Fearless in a Hurricane. Once we managed to explode him he brought out his Machariel, but we never got the chance to catch it. That was more fun.

So five days into the Anakin War I have to give the following grades:

• The Bastards: D-
Seriously. Just undock, fly around, and eventually we'll catch you.

• A Band Apart: A+
Wow, you guys rock! It is incredible how enthusiastic all of you are. Well done.

• Stay Frosty: A+
I love how we are not even doing anything different. That is so us.

Oh well, as long as they want to keep throwing 500m down the toilet, we'll keep the lights on for our members to keep wandering down to Ishomilken for pew-pew. Unlike those poor Jedi Younglings, ours can't be killed. They just keep getting back into more ships.


EDITORS NOTE: The Eveoganda staff here at the World Headquarters apologies for Rixx's complete lack of knowledge when it comes to how much wars actually cost. In fact, no one here knows how much wars cost. We could probably look it up, but in all sincerity, why bother? We do know that it is bigger than a bread-box and probably costs slightly more than a Venti Cappuccino Latte, what more do you need to know?